Tushar Gadagkar and Neal Goss of CFP-RSVP: “Tickets are really inaccessible to the fans of the game… we’re trying to change that”

The Beat

(L-R): Mark Carman, Neil Goss, Tushar Gadagka, Harry Teinowitz

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Mark Carman and Harry Teinowitz visit with COO Tushar Gadagkar and CFO Neal Goss of CFP-RSVP, a start-up service that allows you to RSVP for guaranteed access to College Football Playoff tickets, packages and hotel rooms at face value… if your selected team makes it.  They discuss the process of placing team and game-specific reservations and how they’re able to secure tickets directly from the CFP source in a method that’s akin to trading options in the markets, how they prevent “investors” from scooping up larger numbers of reservations, prospects for expansion into other sports and more.


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