Full Show-Mark Carman: December 10, 2016

The Beat

Mark Carman (Glenn Kaupert)

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Mark Carman is filling is filling in for Matt Bubala. Mark opens the show up about the upcoming Chicago storm. Mark wants people to celebrity themselves; he ask what have you done this week. Listeners call in and weigh in on the accomplishments they are proud of.

Donald Trump is praised by Mark. Mark agrees with Donald Trump standing up to Boeing concerning the cost of the new Air Force One. Mark poses the question: is there anything that Trump has done so far that you agree with.
The first American to orbit Earth John Glenn is honored by Mark. Mark wonders how John chose his career as an astronaut. What are some things you dream of doing? WGN News Man Roger Badesch says his dream is to own a low watt radio station. Callers call in and do a mock donation to help Roger fulfill his dream. Mark’s car is making a strange sound. Listeners call in to speculate what this sound means. Hugh Hefner is trending on Twitter and Mark wonders why? Mark feels that this generation of children have it worse than generations of the past. Mark feels Louisville head women’s basketball coach Jeff Walz comments were out of line concerning participation trophies.





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