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Some experts feel that half or more of all indoor only cats live day to day at least slightly dehydrated.  So, I found an expert, Dr. RuthAnn Lobos, lead veterinarian Merrick Pet Care.  Dr. Lobos explains just how complex this issue of dehydration is, but there’s little doubt that at least some – a significant percent of cats – may indeed be dehydrated. So now, what? She describes how pet parents might determine if their kitty isn’t getting enough water. We talk about behavior changes pet parents can make (like adding water dishes and/or changing their locations), innovative products like Hydra Care (helps cats consume more liquid and even absorb more water directly into their cells. In a Purina study, cats drinking Hydra Care consumed on average 50 percent more liquid daily), and most of all there’s that never ending discussion about feeding moist vs. dry food.

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