Pilley Bianchi, who is the author of For the Love of DOG, and her late dad, professor John W. Pilley, Jr. trained Chaser, the smartest dog in the world. How did they do it? How smart was Chaser? How smart are dogs really? Are we not tapping into what all dogs are capable? Pilley has a way to open minds and dispel myths.

Ear infections are among the most common complaints heard by veterinarians, which makes ZYMOX a savior for pet parents, ZYMOX Ear Cleanser combines protein, enzymes to gently cleanse. ZYMOX Ear Solution provides two options with the patented combination of enzymes. Billy Bosco, research and development at Pet King Brands, explains how this company, now celebrating 25-years, grew from a seed of an idea in his mom’s basement to what it is today. Zymox products are available on:  Amazon, Chewy, at select Petco, and Petsmart stores and at many other fine pet retailers!