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Arguably the most important non-profit in the cat world is the EveryCat Health Foundation (formerly Winn Feline Foundation). Guests on this Merrick Pet Care Petcast are Vickie Fisher, president of the Board of Directors at EveryCat and Past President International Cat Association and EveryCat Executive Director Jackie Ott Jaakola discuss the rich history and impact this organization as nearly all we know about all cats was once funded over the past 53 years by this non-profit.

I too am involved, as I am Secretary of the Board of Directors, and explain how I created a fund called the Ricky Fund for heart disease in cats, and why that is important to all cats, and we are making progress.

Progress is the key word for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), once fatal and now considered treatable as a result of funding from the EveryCat Health Foundation.  This is newsworthy because FIP is caused by the feline coronavirus (not the SARS coronavirus-2 now impacting people around the world), but as a result a drug called Remdesivir was found to help people.