Steve Dale’s Pet World Full Show 9/27/2020 | Anderson Animal Shelter’s success and upcoming events, French Bulldogs, and more

Steve Dale's Pet World

image courtesy of Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

From Anderson Animal Shelter Cheryl Greenspan, director of marketing and Special Events Director Annette Pearson talk about this four-some facility in the Western suburbs, and they’re success is undeniable. Included now under their umbrella is Fox Valley Wildlife Center.

We also learn about Anderson’s Walk 4 Animals and the October 10 Backyard Bash, which includes a live stream concert, food (which can be picked up to host your own backyard party) and naturally adoptions. 

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue Founder/Rescue Mary Sheffke tells what is now a national story about French Bulldogs flown in from Jordan. Without proper paperwork, Federal agencies should have instantly sent the dogs back to Jordan but instead they were hidden away in a warehouse without food or water, left to sit in their own urine and feces. Once discovered French Bulldog Rescue arranged for veterinary care and quarantined the dogs for weeks. Instead of allowing the rescue to adopt the dogs, the CDC is now demanding that the dogs are sent back to Jordan in the cargo hold on a 13-hour flight. There’s even more to this story, including two lost dogs.  Here’s how you can help.

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