Steve Dale’s Pet World Full Show 10/4/2020 | Montrose Dog Beach update, Mutt Jackson and the mobile dog wash facility, and more

Steve Dale's Pet World

mobile dog wash facility

Dr. Fiia Jokela, in the process of being boarded as a veterinary behaviorist and dog trainer Stephen Frost discuss how a coalition of professionals and dog lovers have hopefully succeeded at keep trainer Jeff Gellman from coming to the Western suburbs. We talk about why throwing things at dogs, for example, is hardly humane or effective. We talk about how the heck people might think this type of training can useful. In fact, using shock or electronic collars, typically makes matters worse sending even more desperate clients with damaged dogs to both Jokela and Frost.

Frost explains that by using force and intimidation you might get a dog to suppress a behavior – but that isn’t long lasting, it only looks good at the moment.

Dirty dog? Pay attention now: Paul Fehrenbacher is the Chief Mutt at Mutt Jackson. This now mobile dog wash facility that will transform your dog instantly into a canine model. Jackson is a PupTown, the dog friendly area at the North side of Margate Park (4900 N Marine Drive).

Fehrenbacher, who is on the Board of Director of Montrose Dog Beach, offers an update on fencing at the beach, as well as whether or not it may open.

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