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This morning on Steve Dale’s Pet World:

Host Steve Dale is excited about a recent bill dedicated to protecting pets locked in kennels during fires. The bill is expected to be signed by the Governor Pritzker soon.

Dr. Ebenezer Satyaraj joins the conversation over the phone as he and Steve discuss cats, allergies and his recent studies. According to Dr. Satyaraj, about 20% of adults have sensitivity to cat allergies, that is why he’s done research on the best way to approach cat allergies which he and his team believes can change the way people interact with cats forever.

Dr. Satyaraj’s research has been recently published. Interested in more details of his research? Be sure to read all about it here. 

Plus, New York State Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal joins the conversation on her effort to becomes the first state to ban declawing cats in the state of New York accept in the case of medical necessity.

For more information on Linda Rosenthal’s bill visit 

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