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A VERY lively discussion with Mark Cushing, author Pet Nation: The Inside Story of How Companion Animals are Transforming Our HOMES, CULTURE and ECONOMY.

Cushing doesn’t necessarily agree with the ban on pet store sales, and offers concerns about importing dogs from other countries. I actually agree with some of what he says but disagree regarding pet stores – and we discuss this.  He says you can determine if the dog is from a puppy mill. But, in truth, you cannot do that. Besides, no responsible breeder EVER sells to a pet store.  You could have standards, and I agree there’s a solution – which he explains – but we don’t have that solution today. And Cushing is correct that the price of dogs is on the rise, and shelters have dogs and so do rescues – but not necessarily a dog that people may want.  We also discuss the changing veterinary profession.