Steve Dale’s Pet World 2/7/2021 | EveryCat Health Foundation, The Ricky Fund, and more

Steve Dale's Pet World

Image courtesy of Dr. Drew Weigner

Dr. Drew Weigner, president of the Winn Feline Foundation makes an exciting announcement, and why this matters to you if you happen to have a cat or even care for community or feral cats.  This organization, which was founded in 1968, has funded over $7.5 million in feline studies. There isn’t a cat on the planet who hasn’t benefited from this organization’s funding. Dr. Weigner makes the announcement: the non-profit is now called EveryCat Health Foundation.

I also describe how I became involved with the Winn Feline Foundation and launched the Ricky Fund to support funding for a common heart disease in cats (feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) named for our piano-playing cat, Ricky. 

News: Tallest dog ever passes away

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