Steve Dale’s Pet World 2/28/2021 | All things pet birds, do dogs really love us, and more

Steve Dale's Pet World

Image courtesy of Kim Campbell Thornton and Dr. Brian

Birds for Dummies with co-authors Kim Campbell Thornton and Dr. Brian Speer talking all things pets birds. Despite what some Chicago aldermen think about backyard chickens, Kim and Dr. Speer explain why they can make great pets. They’re surprisingly snuggly, and you may not need to go to the supermarket to buy eggs. They really can’t be housetrained, but we do talk chicken diapers.

Dr. Speer says chickens are surprisingly smart. What we also know is just how smart pet parrots are, but they require lots of challenging mental stimulation and enriching activities as a result..

Dr. Patrick Flynn, technical advisor Central Florida for Zoetis and member of the Board of Directors of the Human Animal Bond Association answers the question we’ve wanted to know an answer to for thousands of years – based on science – and not emotion – do dogs really love us?

Plastic bags can be dangerous to your pets.

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