Steve Dale’s Pet World 12/6/2020 | Choosing the right pet for your family

Steve Dale's Pet World

At this time of year, the biggest question comes from the kids, “Can we get a puppy?” But as Dr. Dana Varble, chief veterinary officer of the North American Veterinary Community explains, maybe you’d be better off with a Guinea pig, a pet bird or a cat for Christmas. And then where do you get a Guinea pig from? And what individual Guinea pig, or hamster, gerbil or pet rat do you choose? If it’s a puppy, what breed is best? Or maybe an adult dog is a better idea. We talk about pet birds too, and differences between options ranging from budgies to African Grey parrots. The topic is choosing the right pet for your family, and where to get that pet, from corn snake to Cocker Spaniel.

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