Steve Dale’s Pet World 11/15/2020 | Empowerment Training for Your Power Dog, November is National Diabetes Month, and more

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image courtesy of Author Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell

People assume I have a Mastiff, Great Dane, Anatolian Shepherd or pit bull-type dog so I have to over-power my dog in training, show my dog who’s dominant – and Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell, author Empowerment Training for Your Power Dog says that is ridiculous. At the same time, we talk about the need to respect these so-called power dogs for what the breed was bred for in the first place.

Antoniak-Mitchell adds that you never need a shock collar or e-collar to train a power dog. In fact, using aversive and painful methods causes problems, and maybe even more so in these “power dogs.”

This interview with Antonika-Mitchell is a follow up to an earlier discussion with dog trainer Stephen Frost and veterinary behaviorist Dr. Fia Jokela about how and why training methods matter.

No wonder, diabetes in an epidemic in cats as 60 percent of cats are overweight or obese. What do you about kitty lose those extra pounds? I talk with feline veterinarian Dr. Susan Little, past president of the Winn Feline Foundation and American Association of Feline Practitioners. November is National Diabetes Month, and the Winn Feline Foundation is raising money to support studies for diabetes.

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