Steve Dale’s Pet World 10/3/2021 | Cures4Cats Day, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in dogs, and more

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Ricky, the piano playing cat (taken by Steve Dale)

If you have a cat, if you know a cat, if you have ever seen a cat, all those cats – every cat – has benefited for over 50 years from cat health and behavior studies funded by the EveryCat Health Foundation (formerly Winn Feline Foundation). Executive Director Jackie Ott Jaakola joins Steve to discuss the Foundation’s impact on cats and a series of free webinar presentations leading up to Cures4Cats Day (October 17).

The Ricky Fund was created by Steve for the EveryCat Health Foundation to support cats with feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a way too common cause of death in cats. The fund was named for hid cat Ricky, who succumbed HCM. Ricky was a famous cat back in the day, and you can watch Ricky in action – playing the piano and jumping through hoops from various TV shows on a presentation Steve gave for the EveryCat Health Foundation, which he also offers a 101 on feline heart disease. The presentation is still available HERE, and it’s free to view

This J Lo, Dr. Jennifer Lopez, professional services veterinarian at Antech Diagnostics discusses inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in dogs. Thorough discussion on what IBD is; what typical signs of IBD are; how it’s diagnosed – including a new simple blood test – and what can be done to treat IBD, particularly more effective if diagnosed sooner than later (which is also where that new blood test looking at three biomarkers comes in).

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