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There’s a reason entire countries have banned e-collars or shock collars, now Petco has done the same. I talk with Fear Free Certified National Training Manager at Petco Darris Cooper. We chat about why banning e-collars collars is both humane, and actually allows for more efficient learning utilizing positive reinforcement techniques. We talk about and explain how #stoptheshock allows for both Fear Free and LIMA learning principals and training techniques.

Truth is this is a courageous move on the part of Petco as doing the right thing will no doubt result in a bit of a hit regarding real bottom line in the midst of the pandemic. Darris tells me why Petco has chosen to make this move now. And it’s a great move, which will literally be lifesaving for many dogs! 

Not so scary I hope – keep your pet safe over Halloween with Dr. Justine Lee, veterinary expert Pumpkin Pet Insurance and critical care veterinarian. She offers tips if you do take your pet trick or treating. Pet poison control centers and veterinary ER’s report a huge spike, from pets eating raisins, candy, chocolate, and/or even the wrappers around the candy and chocolate. By the way, pets should never wear masks. People yes. Pets no.

Feline veterinarian and former President of the Winn Feline Foundation Dr. Susan Little and I discuss one of the most common problems in cats, chronic kidney disease (CKD). Dr. Little, who is the also the lead editor of the veterinary textbook, The Cat: Clinical Medicine and Managementexplains how incredibly common CKD may be in older cats, and we know occurs well before cats show any signs or symptoms. We discuss why early diagnosis is really helpful, and newer diagnostic tools which will help to identify disease early, like RenalTech.