Steve Dale’s Pet World 1/31/2021 | Dr. Jaime F. Modiano on an all too common cancer in dogs

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Dr. Jaime F. Modiano, Perlman Professor of Oncology and Comparative Medicine, Director, Animal Cancer Care and Research Program at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota discusses an all too common cancer in dogs, called hemangiosarcoma.

Dr. Modiano, who arguably the number researcher in the world on this cancer, discusses what we know about hemangiosarcoma, what we don’t know and what can be done. Sadly, what can be done today may be nothing at all as so many dogs die literally hours after the cancer discovered or only extends life for a fairly short period of time (though exceptional dogs may live with this cancer over a year). However, Dr. Modiano’s lab and others are learning more all the time. You can learn more, and perhaps help: or

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