Steve Dale Pet World 12/27/2020 | Dog training methods, stomatitis in cats, and more

Steve Dale's Pet World

Dog trainer Laura Monaco Torelli and I have a wide-ranging discussion regarding dog training methods, including use of shock or e-collars. This was all discussed a lot in 2020. We dive into a discussion regarding the laws of learning. And she explains why punishment does decrease frequency of behavior. Then why not lean on punishment? Torelli explains.

She also notes that even under the best of circumstances, the use of shock collars can seemingly depress dogs, taking the “zest” out of their life. However, more often, the fall out causes all sorts of issues which she explains. 

Dr. Chad Maki, stem cell researcher and chief medical officer VetCell Therapeutics  explains what stomatitis in cats is. And how stem cells may help this condition. Right now, there’s a clinical trial which cats with feline chronic gingivostomatitis may partake in. Learn more HERE. By participating you can help your cat, and help all cats with this awful disease.

I explain the new flight rules with animals on a plane which begin new week

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