Steve Dale Pet World 12/20/2020 | Keeping your pets safe during the Howlidays

Steve Dale's Pet World

Image courtesy of Dr. Natalie Marks

Dr. Natalie Marks offers tips of keeping our pets safe over the howlidays. I reveal that Santa might be on a diet this year, so if you leave out sugar-free cookies or brownies for Mr. Claus, that’s thoughtful. But if the dessert contains a sugar substitute called Zylitol, not to mention chocolate, you could wind up spending Christmas at the veterinary emergency room.

Here are 12 more Christmas safety tips

Dr. Marks also offers her resolutions for pets for the New Year, which include the continuing growth of telehealth.

I talk about how you can download for FREE, the children’s coloring book, My New Puppy HERE.

And the moment the world is waiting for: My dramatic presentation of A Pets’ Night Before Christmas.

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