Steve Dale Pet World 11/29/2020 | Are we benefiting by having pets in the pandemic?

Steve Dale's Pet World

Dr. Stephen Ettinger

Two legends in one show:

Dr. Aubrey Fine, professor emeritus California Polytech State University, licensed psychologist, author of many books and chair of the Scientific Advisory Group at Pet Partners. He’s the guy to ask this question, and he answers “Are we benefiting in the pandemic by having pets since they lessen our stress? Or are pets picking up on our stress, and paying a price for that?”

Arguably the most legendary veterinarian on the planet (and that is no exaggeration) is Dr. Stephen Ettinger, a pioneer in internal medicine and veterinary cardiology. His textbook and updates to it on veterinary internal medicine are the gold standard, and he’s been in the game over 50 years. When it comes to perspective regarding how care for pets will change as a result of the pandemic, who better to ask?

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