Steve Dale Pet World 11/22/2020 | Human-Animal Bond Association, Thanksgiving Day National Dog Show, and more

Steve Dale's Pet World

David Frei (L) and John O’Hurley (R) (NBC)

Marc Ayers, Illinois Director of the Humane Society of the United States has two pieces of really good news which are causing him to be giddy with excitement. DuPage County passed two ordinances which make the county absolutely more humane. One involves DuPage County Fairgrounds – so we don’t see things like dancing bears or even big cats, and the other pet stores, so they don’t sell dogs or cats and if they do, the stores are considered. as a public nuisance.

Without the human-animal bond, there would be no point to this program, or to having pets in the first place. But I discuss with Dr. Laird Goodman, president of the Human-Animal Bond Association how the bond goes well beyond dogs and cats, or even beyond our pets. Membership to the Association is welcome and available.

For the 500th time, I get to speak with a real Renaissance man and J. Peterman actor John O’Hurley. With David Frei, O’Hurley will broadcast theNational Dog Show, hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia on Thanksgiving Day, noon (all time zones) on NBC.

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