Steve Dale Full Show 7/5/2020 | Chicago’s Famous Fido Rescue and Adoption Alliance, GC 376, and more

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Gloria Lissner is a legend, devoting her life to Chicago’s Famous Fido Rescue and Adoption Alliance. She will save ANY animal she can. But this year’s so badly needed fundraiser couldn’t happen in person, so she’s holding a world-wide virtual event, Famous Fido Celebration of Life. We talk about how her shelter is dealing with the pandemic, and how to find homes for animals in need. Also, how all of us on the planet are interconnected.

Dr. Sara Pizano of the Million Cat Challenge announces that they’ve saved about 2.5 million cats. Over-achievers! And can save even more cats with Portalmania, one festival that’s not been pandemic cancelled. Portalmania is an effort to demonstrate what we know is true, that by giving cats more space – via room extensions or portals – they are more likely to stay healthy and more likely to be adopted.

GC 376 is the name of a compound, like Remdesivir, which is, so far, the only drug approved for treatment of COVID-19. I have talked about both Remdesivir and GC 376 on WGN Radio because both drugs were first trialed in cats with feline infectious peritonitis, caused by the feline corona virus. Dr. Dave Bruyette, chief medical officer Anivive Animal Health explains at GC 376 is expected to be approved for clinical trials for people with COVID.

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