Steve Dale Full Show 7/26/2020 | The current wold of dog training classes, new test for inflammatory bowel disease in dogs, and more

Steve Dale's Pet World

Image Courtesy of Wendy DeCarlo

Chicago dog trainer Wendy DeCarlo discusses how to socialize puppies in a socially distant way. And why appropriate socialization for puppies in a brief window can lead to a lifetime of confident behavior. Also, she talks about how dog training classes are finally being offered – and what these classes look like now. Wendy also explains why a positive reinforcement trainer is essential and what to look for in a dog trainer.

Count on my show for this exciting announcement: A new test for inflammatory bowel disease in dogs. Dr. Jen Ogeer, vice president medical affairs and commercial marketing at Antech, the diagnostic company. explains how simple but also very important this test is. After all, dogs throw up and have loose stools for many reasons, and IBD has not been previously easy, non-invasive and as inexpensive to diagnose; that’s now changed.  This is a big deal.

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