Steve Dale Full Show 7/19/2020 | The Puppy Mill Project and what Chicago is doing to enforce the ordinance to ban the sales of dogs, cats, and rabbits to pet stores

Steve Dale's Pet World

Image Courtesy of The Puppy Mill Project

No responsible breeder ever, ever, EVER sells to a pet store. Dogs (and cats) sold at pet stores are from large scale facilities, greatly they’re puppy mills. Chicago banned the sales of dogs, cats and also rabbits at pet stores a few years back but three pet store operators totally circumvented the law in an arguably creative fashion. Cari Meyers, founder of the Puppy Mill Project and Marc Ayers, Illinois Director of the Humane Society of the United States discuss what Chicago will do now so the original ordinance to ban sales can finally be enforced.

Marc and Cari discuss what puppy mills really are. And the myriad of medical and behavior issues the dogs purchased more likely suffer, not to mention the ethical issues. Also, information on how Chicago residents can help.

Dr. Kelly Ballantyne is a Chicago veterinary behaviorist and helped to contribute to Decoding Your Cat, also authored by many of her colleagues. Kelly talks about her chapter (with Dr. Amy Pike) called “The Feline Dream Home.” Dr. Ballantyne explains what enrichment is, offers ways you can enrich your home for your cats and why enrichment is no longer an option for cat parents to consider but instead something all cat parents must do.

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