Steve Dale Full Show 6/28/2020 | The new standard set for CACC, dogs are learning to identify people with COVID-19, and more

Steve Dale's Pet World

Image Courtesy of Steve Dale

Susan Russell’s name should sound familiar to Chicago animal lovers, as she is the former executive director of Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC). Russell was beloved for her passion, and willingness to push City Hall to benefit animals. When Mayor Rham Emmanuel fired her, people protested, and the news of her firing was plastered on the front page. But what ever happened to her? And how does she look back now on the experience, unquestionably setting a new standard for CACC? 

Also with Lucy Noland, Russell has co-authored, Gata Unbound: A Series for Ailurophiles of All Ages: Books 1 & 2: Klein’s Weird Evening & Archimedes’ Ear. I have no idea what this book title means – but Russell explains.

Also, Dr. Cynthia Otto, director, Penn Vet Working Dog Center, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine is teaching dogs to identify people with COVID-19. At WGN Radio, we know about Dr. Otto because of the local support Steve has given the Penn Vet Working Dog Center for their collaboration of Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness, and their work to train dogs to identify ovarian cancer. So, how will dogs identify COVID and what value may that have?

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