Steve Dale Full Show 4/12/2020 | Dr. Scott Weese, Avoiding impulse pet purchases during this time, and more

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Dr. Peter Sakas

I have now officially proclaimed Dr. Scott Weese the Dr. Anthony Fauci of veterinary medicine. Truly when veterinary professionals get up in the morning, the blog they check is Worms & Germs Blog. I am honored to interview Dr. Weese, professor Ontario Veterinary College and an infectious disease specialist who is world renown.  Warning: Before listening to our conversation about transmission of COVID-19 and pets, he’s a total science guy and an absolute straight shooter.

Among those lost to COVID-19, a true rock star in veterinary medicine, Dr. Peter Sakas of Niles Animal Hospital.  He was especially known for his ground-breaking understanding of parrots and other birds. I speak with his brother Bill Sakas and his daughter Dr. Courtney Sakas (who also treats COVID-19 patients). Dr. Courtney even recalls visits to my WGN radio show with her dad when she was a kid – wow.

And a word about why to never impulse purchase any pet – especially rabbits at Easter.

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