Steve Dale 6/21/2020 | Tommy Edwards’ new book, a mission to save aggressive dogs, and more

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Image courtesy of Tommy Edwards

It was a career highlight for me, early as a young intern finding Animal Stories for Uncle Lar and Charming and Delightful Little Tommy. Radio legend Tommy Edwards has authored a book about those very animal stories and his career in radio called, People Tell Me I Grew Up Listening to You: Stories from Behind the Mic. We reminisce about Mr. Lujack and what he was really like, talk about Animal Stories and Edwards’ own dog. I also ask Tommy, who was the Chicago Bulls in-house announcer, about The Last Dance, the 10-part docuseries chronicling Michael Jordan and the Bulls’ dynasty.

Chicago area dog trainer Steven Frost talks about a new phenomenon of dog trainers taking jobs to save aggressive dogs so they’re not euthanized and to do as quickly as possible by any means possible. What’s more, desperate to get the job done, people are sometimes hired without proper qualifications. Even when dog behavior is modified, there’s now a ticking time bomb being fostered or adopted into homes. So, what should you know and ask about if you want to rescue or adopt one of these dogs?

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