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Going to the most authoritative source for information regarding COVID-19 and pets, Steve talks with Dr. John Howe, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Answering questions, like are pets susceptible to COVID-19 and can they transmit it to one another pet or to humans? And what about touching a pet after someone who is positive for the novel corona virus touches your pet. Is it possible to pick up the virus that way? And Steve with Dr. Howe decipher COVID-19 fact from Internet fiction. Stay informed regarding the virus at or Steve’s website,

How are Chicago shelters and rescues dealing with the pandemic? Tracy Elliott, president of the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago says there’s actually good news in all this, regarding a record number of fosters and adoptions throughout Chicago. But he also expresses grave concerns, depending on how this all unfolds. Learn more,

Steve happens to be on the Board of the Directors of the non-profit funder of cat health studies, the Winn Feline Foundation. He explains how Winn funded studies for a drug nearly identical to Remdesivir, which is a drug that President Trump has mentioned and is now being trialed now for people with COVID-19. That nearly identical drug, he explains, has cured cats with an illness deriving from the feline corona virus called feline infectious peritonitis. More at

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