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The good news is that Illinois (and also New York state) are attempting to do something about insurance companies charging more money for homeowners or rental insurance for certain breeds, or even refusing coverage because you have a Doberman or pit bull-type dog or even Australian Shepherd, or a long list of random breeds, depending on the company. The insurance lobby is responding, “We don’t see a problem here.” So Ledy VanKavage, senior legislative analyst at Best Friends is seeking to do something about it, and she wants to hear from you if you’ve been denied coverage because of dog breed or pay more for the privilege of being insured. Tell your story – there’s a link here: Also, if you live in Illinois, and you agree with the idea of preventing insurance companies from profiling dog breeds, contact your state Senator.

Steve also talks with Emily Klehm, executive director South Suburban Humane Society with an update on the poor dog found wrapped in trash bags.

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