Wayne Pacelle is President of Animal Wellness Action and Center for Humane Economy, and he shares how production animals are raised for food, and recent legal changes to protect those animals with appropriate welfare. And he explains a story you may never have heard about regarding how China impacts the way which we treat our farm animals. 

Certified veterinary technician Mary Ann Minick CEO, President All Pets Wellness Center, 1975 Melissa Lane, Aurora, IL, a new daycare, boarding and very soon veterinary facility and more, from rehab for dogs and cats to community events to horse care.

Animal shelter professional Sandy DeLisle, executive producer and screenwriter for a new comedy film called You’re Out!  – which even premiered at Cannes Film Festival – and stars a blocky head dog, called a pit bull.  The dog joins in on a baseball adventure. The film is now being streamed through many outlets, which are listed here.

CDC Salmonella warning regarding pet turtles.

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