Amy Shojai is the recipient of the American Veterinary Medical Association Steve Dale Excellence In Veterinary Communications Award. And, aside from authoring countless pet articles in blogs and magazines, she has authored well over 30 books. She discusses two of those books, one is about the necessarily of enrichment for dogs, and another is the need for enrichment for cats.

President of the International Academy for Veterinary Pain Management Dr. Tammy Grubb offers exciting news for arthritic dogs, which there are many. Sometimes arthritis in dogs is breed-related, and often age-related or both. Arthritis in dogs is certainly more common in larger dogs, but occurs an awful lot in small dogs as well. And layered over all this are all the overweight and obese dogs, which may more likely have arthritis. And it turns out in humans, chronic pain is linked to depression. Also, discussed is relationship between pain in dogs and cats and the human animal bond.

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