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This Thanksgiving marks David Frei’s seventeenth year working with Purina for the National Dog Show. Dog show host David Frei joins Steve to discuss why this particular dog show is different for all the others.  This is a “benched dog show. There are only three left in the country,” Frei says. For this type of event, dogs have to be up on their bench when not being showed and lined up in alphabetical order with their owners. People can then walk around and see the pets, talk to their owners and learn abut different breeds.

“Twenty-five million people watched the show last year. That’s five times as many as any dog show in this country. I think it will be fun for everybody in the family for this great family holiday,” Frei says.

The National Dog show airs live on Thanksgiving Day at 12-2pm after the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.

Tune in as he chats with David about the dog show,  gives listeners advice on potty training pets and more!