Celebrating Memorial Day week with Chris Willingham, president of U.S. War Dogs Association. This amazing non-profit sends care packages to currently working military dogs (MWD) but there’s a special focus on retired MWD, who ultimately do require veterinary care which they support. Also discussed is a history of MWD, and what the canine soldiers do, and the incalculable number of lives saved by these heroic dogs. In fact, Willingham says his own life was saved by his canine partner.

K9’s for Warriors CEO Carl Cricco describes what this incredible non-profit does to save lives on both ends of the leash. They take dogs, typically destined for euthanasia, train the dogs and match dogs with veterans who have returned with PTSD.  For example, without a dog about 20 veterans will take their own lives daily, and with a dog that number levels to about the same as the general population.

Steve also talks about an amazing medication just approved for arthritis with osteodogs, called Liberla.