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Rona Borre, “The Chicago Tech Connector,” joined The Steve Cochran Show to talk about women in tech as well as her top 3 tips to land a job in tech.

Here are her 3 tips:

Soft skills: Being a strong technician is no longer enough to land any job. Businesses expect more of their technical staff and being able to effectively communicate how technology is impacting the business’ strategies and the role technology will play in the future of the organization.

Take about YOUR impact: I’ve seen a lot of candidates discuss their team’s work at a company and fail to discuss their individual contributions to the project. Every company wants a team player, but if you fail to effectively highlight what you specifically brought to the table then a hiring manager may overlook you.

Stay ahead of the curve: Every organization I’ve worked with wants people who not only know technology, but people who live technology. They are looking to hire people who stay relevant in new developments and trends and people who know what is coming down the proverbial pipe. The job description you’re applying for today has clear skills but companies want to know that you’re also going to match what their needs will be in the future. A technologist who is always keeping their ear to the ground is more likely to be a long term match.