TIDBITS & FIT-BYTES: Mary’s DWTS Season #23 Week 9 Analysis

Steve Cochran

Mary Van De Velde

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TIDBITS & FIT-BYTES: Mary Van De Velde’s DWTS Season #23 Week 9 Analysis

It’s Showstoppers Night!! Yes! I love Broadway, so this should be exciting. Here comes yet another guest judge…Adele Dazim (oops, John Travolta moment)…I mean Idina Menzel. You know…the great Broadway singer (“Let it Go”) with the mouth as big as her voice. Perfect judge for this quarter-finals night! Woo-hoo, only 3 more weeks!

Two dances tonight for the six “stars”

First up…

MARILU & DEREK – oh, and another guest shows up – Mark Ballas (former DWTS pro, now a member of Jersey Boys). Who knew he could sing like Frankie Valli?? Anyway, the judges say Marilu finally enjoys herself during the samba, but is it too late?? She doesn’t punch Derek in the face this time, but I think he’s tired of her anyway. A lot of crying again…could be her last tear.
36 pts.

CALVIN JOHNSON & LINDSAY – the two dress up as cats to practice their “Memories” Waltz. Lindsay wants Calvin to wear a dance belt (jock strap) under his tight onesie. At least he changed for the actual dance into a fur-collared white pimp-like outfit. Lindsay looked like Holiday Barbie. They pull it off beautifully despite the more obvious-than-usual height difference. Carrie Ann says they were ahead of the music…I think she’s nuts.
37 pts.

JAMES & SHARNA/JENNA – Sharna still out with a knee injury. Too bad, since there’s not much chemistry with Jenna and I think it’s slowing down the battery in this race car driver. The Broadway theme is perfect for him and he’s dressed as a green wizard in a “Brand New Day” number from “The Wiz” . Idina makes sure we know she played the Wicked Witch of the West in “Wicked”, but she loved it, even though James needed a magic wand to hide a couple mistakes.
36 pts.

TERRA & SASHA – Once again Idina talks about how she loved to sing “Sweet Charity” numbers growing up – it’s not about you!! Anyway, Terra does a cute, confident Charleston number, doing every 1920’s step possible, while being spun around into a tizzy by Sasha. Bruno says she was going for a Tony award. I agree!
38 pts.

JANA & GLEB – now Gleb has a knee injury. What the heck is wrong with these pros?? You’d think the “stars” would know how to ice! Jana has to practice with a sub, but is once again an emotional mess. She looks like Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”, but is supposed to be a waitress from the not very well-known musical “Waitress”. Judges say its mesmerizing, emotional, complex, beautiful….blah, blah, blah. So why doesn’t she seem to have fan support?
40 pts. – first perfect score of the night

LAURIE & VAL – ok, the sweet giggle is starting to irritate me. I don’t know why they would give a 16-year-old the “Cell Block Tango” from “Chicago” to dance to since it’s a little dark and sexual, but she pretends she’s wiping peanut butter off of Val to block-out the risqueness! (is that a word?). It’s turns out to be the perfect, powerful dance for her powerful gymnast body and Tom Bergeron wants her giggle as his ringtone.
40 pts – she’s definitely back on the beam

Time for the Team Dances after Idina kind of screeches her way through a new song. I love her, but what was that?

It’s a bromance between Calvin and James as they pair-up for a western paso-doble. Sheriff Calvin duels against James with a fun, entertaining, and in-sync last man standing number. They crack each other up during practice and even enjoy a smoothie together with two straws. These two could never run down a bull, but they do need their own show.
37 pts.

Marilu and Terra then do a strange jazz number, pulling all the stops (including a large skirt where Terra climbs stairs and is the top of the skirt, while Marilu hides under the skirt with only her legs sticking out). Awkward, but got me to watch it. The song stunk, but judges loved the energy and creativity.
36 pts.

It’s a sister act for Laurie and Jana as they do a masterful contemporary performance. Very well-choreographed, but emotional again. Could Jana ever get a light number or could Laurie do an age-appropriate anything? She might be scarred for life. No surprise, the 2 best girl dancers get….
40 pts.

With about a minute to spare, the dancers face elimination! No more crying in the cabbage patch…

MARILU is a goner. I will miss her stamina and I wish I had her legs, but I think I’ll miss Derek more.

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