TIDBITS AND FIT-BYTES: Mary’s DWTS Season #23 Week 3 Analysis

Steve Cochran

Mary Van de Velde in her dance attire from Saturday night.

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Dancing With the Stars – Mary Van De Velde’s Take on Season #23 Week3

So I thought the show would be shorter this week because of the big debate, but was I ever wrong! Monday night was a nice hour of quick dancing and not much yapping afterward, but Tuesday was an eternity of re-running rehearsal clips, fill-in interviews, and songs from Florida Georgia Line (not a bad band, but didn’t really care). The highlight of the night was when Kym Johnson Herjavec (former pro dancer now married to sharkman Robert Herjavec) filled-in for Erin Andrews due to a death in her boyfriend’s family. After a shaky start with the cue cards, Kym was so enjoyable….loved the accent and she did well on the interviews with the stars. Erin is starting to get annoying and understandably favors the athlete-dancers since that is her real forte. Hopefully, Kym will be back or at least make Erin a little nervous.

It’s Face-Off week, where two dancers go up against each other in the same style dance. Whoever gets the highest score from the judges is granted immunity in this week’s vote…the other is “in jeopardy”….cue horror music. Here’s the pairings and results….

1) Baby-Face Edmonds vs. Jana Kramer (JIVE) .Now I know why they call him “Baby-Face, you can’t help loving his cuteness and finesse, but the judges thought he needed to be sharper. Jana (who even wears the false eyelashes in practice), was jiving with flat feet and limpy arms. I disagree with the judges, who gave it to Jana by 1 point!!

2) Vanilla Ice vs. Gov. Rick Perry (Paso Doble). Vanilla has no idea what the dance is or how to pronounce it, but insists on wearing his stupid baseball hat backwards again. Grow-up, you’re 48! Both just walked/danced and posed. Vanilla barely won with a tie-breaking vote from Len!

3) Ryan Lochte vs. James Hinchcliffe (Cha Cha). The most un-fair match-up of the night. Even though Cheryl stripped-down Ryan’s button-down shirt, it didn’t help his cause. His water-logged feet didn’t move much and James, the race car driver really drove his hips and cha chaaaaad to victory!

4) Calvin Johnson vs. Terra Jole (Waltz). The best face-off of the night. Calvin turned into Mr. Grace after his partner Lindsay told him not to squash her face like a football when he touches it. Terra did an emotional dance and showed her vulnerability. Calvin edges her out in a surprising vote!

5) Maureen McCormick vs. Amber Rose (Salsa). You knew this was coming….Amber rap/walked and tried to salsa to J Lo’s “Big Bootie” song. Maureen actually did the salsa and looked elegant to Amber’s Dallas Cowboy cheerleader look. Marcia Marcia almost fainted when she heard she won!

6) Laurie Hernandez vs. Marilu Henner (Tango). A crazy pairing since the two are almost 50 years apart. Laurie jerked around well with her glow-in-the-dark green shoes, while Marilu showed awesome flexibility, but had a weird head and shoulder dilemma. The youngster didn’t score a “10” because of a lift, but wins the face-off.

On night #2, it took 2 hours to narrow down the group, with Terra, Amber, and Rick the final three. Rick gets the boot and can now go campaign for the Donald! Maybe he’ll get him more votes if he keeps on the super tight paso-doble pants with the cummerbund.

Keep on dancing ‘til next week!

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