Why I (we) Love the Blakhawks

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Seems appropriate after a bad Bears loss to remember how good we’ve still got it this town.

1) They are winners…(good Steve, strong start)

2) They are a GREAT comeback story… just 10 years ago ESPN named them the WORST franchise in professional sports.

3) They have a GREAT owner… Rocky Wirtz took over a dead part of the family business and saved it…all while thanking and respecting the fans at every turn.

4) Rocky hired John McDonough (and he hired Jay Blunk) together they made the Cubs a force in sports despite mostly terrible years on the field. Compare the run the Hawks have been on since John and Jay arrived to the thud the Cubs have become since they left.

5) They put the games on TV and on WGN Radio… Pat Foley came back with Eddie O… PLUS John Weideman and Troy Murray (the best foursome in sportscasting.)

6) They honor the past…(Hull, Mikita, Tony O, Savard just part of remembering all that have meant so much to Hawks fans.)

7) They guaranteed the future…(securing Toews, Kane, and Keith as Blackhawks for life is as close to a sure thing as you can get.)

8) They made tough choices… hiring Joel Quenville and Stan Bowman were great moves that were hugely questioned when they were made.

9) They are insanely fan friendly… the players are approachable and always in the community and the team has great year-round events.

10) They beat Mother Nature… nobody dislikes cold and snow more than me… but the Blackhawks have actually made the a Winter shorter.

Remember Coach Q and “Breakfast with the Blackhawks” too all season, every week on my show.  Hope to see you at the MADHOUSE!

Thanks for listening.


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