TIDBITS & FIT-BYTES: Mary’s DWTS Season #23 Week 10 Analysis

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Mary Van De Velde at Navy Pier!

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TIDBITS & FIT-BYTES: Mary Van De Velde’s DWTS Season #23 Week 10 Analysis

It’s the semi-finals and no Len again!! We really need him or the night is going to be full of perfect 10’s. He must have a great contract! Five dancers, two rounds and 1 huge box of Kleenex will be needed! The stars have to come up with something or someone that had a huge impact on their lives.


JAMES & SHARNA – yes! She’s back after a knee injury and decides she wants to be blindfolded for the dance – Is she CONCUSSED or what? James once again rehashes his car accident where he almost died, but you wouldn’t know it after he finished off the passionate, controlled Argentine Tango by doing a handstand on a chair. James is no muscle-beach, but sure showed some strength.
29 pts.

TERRA & SASHA – interesting to hear about Terra’s struggle being a little person. Her mom talks about how she moved to L.A. at a young age to pursue a singing career and ended up on a reality show. Terra’s rumba has lots of poses, but showed her vulnerability and Julianne said it was her best of the season. Carrie Ann fake cries again…I never even saw tears.
30 pts – get ready for a lot of these, just like I said!

JANA & GLEB – oh woe is me…she goes through her struggles with her parents divorce, meeting an older man, PTSD from the abuse. Then why is she smiling throughout the piece with her beautiful girlfriends? I mean she’s a lovely girl too with a very cute daughter and great permanent false eyelashes… just start dating Gleb and get on with it. Their quickstep is good enough for me, but Julianne says her neck was backwards – what? Plus, they were dancing in an Imelda Marcos-filled shoe closet….weird.
28 pts.

CALVIN & LINDSAY – don’t really know from the opening piece what impacted his life the most, but I guess it was football – duh. His coaches and peers praise him and we keep loving that smile! During the tango, Lindsay tripped on her dress and almost fell into the audience. Then Calvin did a big kick over her head…he could’ve been a punt kicker…what height!
26 pts. – come on…a little low!

LAURIE & VAL – Puffs, Kleenex, whatever you got….even Tom Bergeron is crying with this one. Laurie’s grandmother from Puerto Rico passed away sometime during taping and Laurie dedicates her foxtrot to the sweet lady. I thought it was a little too powerful and could’ve been a little softer considering the death, but the judges couldn’t see anything but emotion. At least Val didn’t cry this time.
30 pts.

Round #2

The dancers picked another pro to form a “trio”. I loved this, but the judges are either losing their ability to critique or the dancers are just that good. (Spoiler alert)…every trio dance gets a perfect score of 30.

JAMES & SHARNA & JENNA – very n’sync dance with James bringing along his Indy car that saved his life. The partner-swapping also saved his dancing life and he’s getting ready for a victory lap.

TERRA & SASHA & ARTEM – they start off with a hilarious “Three Company’s” theme montage. Terra flirts her way through the tango with Artem, saying he’s the tallest person she’s ever danced with! No joke is politically correct here, so don’t say anything at all. The dance was just okay.

JANA & GLEB & ALAN – judges comments – “artistry in motion”, “A-game”, “full of fire” . I actually agree…Jana slayed the “mistress of the dark” paso doble with her boys portraying a good cop and bad cop.

CALVIN & LINDSAY & WITNEY – the two blondes even called themselves dumb and dumber! All Calvin could do was laugh his way through with his green puffy shirt being pulled off and being called a guacamole that Bruno just wanted to dip into! The superman receiver did the first-ever double lift with one doublemint twin upside down and the other above his head….it was crazy and finally some fun. I had tears of laughter.

LAURIE & VAL & MAKS – gee, what a surprise that the brothers would dance with the #1 dancer to beat! Very cool concept with Maks acting as a teacher at a dance school and Laurie and Val doing a precise sexy samba where the clothes kept coming off. A little age-inappropriate, but what else is new?

After hours and hours of learning two dances and crying through all the rehearsals, the elimination comes in about one minute!!

Unfortunately someone has to go and ALL are worthy of staying at this point, especially with the perfect 10’s.

It’s good-bye to TERRA….She was an inspiration, but I always worried when Sasha spun her around so much.

Down to 4 and on to the Finals next week! Len is back, but I hope they leave guest judge Pitbull in his kennel.

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