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by Steve Cochran

The Ferguson decision won’t change the pain of the Brown family. Pray for them, and respect the Grand Jury’s decision as justice served.
There are those who will believe the decision to not try Officer Wilson is a scam.  That this is another example of a young black man dead in the street at the hand of a white cop and a system gamed to be deadly racist.  That is nonsense.
There are those who dismiss this as another thug black kid who had it coming.  That is nonsense as well.
There is the embarrassing national media who camped out in Ferguson for weeks cranking up the anger with lazy, biased, Ill-informed reporting on both sides of this case.
There was the Attorney General who came to Ferguson and could barely control his one-sided views and the Governor of Missouri who called a State of Emergency days before it was needed and not knowing if it was needed at all.
In the middle of all of this stood the only question that had to be answered.  Did Officer Wilson shoot and kill Michael Brown in cold blood or legally and in self defense?
This Grand Jury appears to have done their job in careful consideration of the evidence and witnesses presented to them.  They gain nothing by dismissing Michael Brown’s life and taking any of this lightly.  Remember, if any of their identities are revealed, each member of the Grand Jury’s life could be at risk.
What we know is there should be an ongoing committed discussion of race relations in this country and PEACEFUL protests in Ferguson could restart that process.  The media should stay in town and cover that part of the story and not leave town because the riots weren’t all they could have been after all.
Let’s grow up.  All white cops don’t go to work and hunt black kids.  All black kids aren’t victims and all black kids aren’t thugs.
The only way we go forward is to go forward together.
Thanks for listening.

For your reference, below is a previous blog that I wrote three months ago about Ferguson.

There are things we know about the travesty of Ferguson, MO.

  • We know a white cop shot a young black man who died in the street.
  • We know the cop’s name is Darren Wilson and he has no strikes on his record.
  • We know the dead man is Michael Brown and we know he committed a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store the same morning he was killed.
  • We know the Ferguson police department is almost completely white in a town that is mostly black.

What we don’t know is… what happened!

That’s what the investigation and possible trial is for, and that’s the only justice.

That’s why the coverage of this story has been so appalling.  CNN has never been more biased in painting this as a race based “assassination” of poor Michael Brown. We don’t know that it was anything close to that.  We also don’t know that it wasn’t.

Real journalism presents the facts in a fair, unbiased way.  For two weeks CNN has made race the story and in some ways incited the violence it came in to cover. That’s not journalism.  That’s an outrage.

Why would a cop with no history of violence or abuse of power suddenly mow down a “kid” in the street?

Could it be that Michael Brown robbed that store then later attacked Darren Wilson who shot Brown to defend himself?

The answer is…We don’t know.

Justice is not… the cop must have done it because that’s what happens…white cops kill black kids.

Justice is not…the guy robbed a store and provoked the cop…because that’s what black kids do.

There will be no justice in this case until a full investigation leads to an arrest and trial and verdict…or to no arrest at all. That’s what must happen in Ferguson.  And it will be a lot easier to finish this story if CNN would pack up their people and leave town.

Haven’t they done enough…damage?