Steve Cochran Full Show 12.10.19 | Meet Lady Vivianne of England.

Steve Cochran

Lady Vivianne

On this episode, the text question of the day is “If you had a pot shop what would you name it?”  The show starts off with WGN-TV’s Courtney Gousman live from Bridgeview.  Redbox will permanently remove video games from its kiosks entirely by the end of the year, plus more top stories on the Top 6 at 6. Kid Of The Week, Grace Heery, senior at Nazareth Academy.  Producer Vivianne will soon be addressed as “Lady Vivianne of England” after she purchased a lordship title on Groupon, and you won’t believe for how much. Broadcaster and journalist Paul Coyte calls in from London to explain what the title means, and to congratulate Vivianne on the royal news! Plus, CEO of the Christkindl Market, Maren Biester-Priebe joins the show to talk about the holiday tradition in Chicago and later David Kerley, Senior Transportation Correspondent for ABC News,  calls in to discuss the tragic Boeing 737 Max crash, that killed 346 people on board. The show wraps up with Ed Sherman author of This is B1G, a book about the history of the Big Ten conference.

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