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Alane and her husband Tom and  have three great kids who decided that swimming was their passion. What she didn’t know is that she needed to heart screen her three healthy athletes.  On November 16th, 2016 they lost their amazing 17-year-old son Joshua to an “Unknown Cardiac Anthemia” at swim practice at Cats Aquatics in Vernon Hills, IL. The high school “Warren Township” did not have heart screening at the time.  Joshua’s passing changed their minds, so in February Alane screened over 1,500 students through the Heart Smart EKG program provided by the Max Schewitz Foundation.  Seven lives were saved that day! One being Joshua’s teammate! She now works with Heart Smart EKG program going into local high schools and helps educate students on how important it is to get their health hearts screened! They have saved over 200 students since Joshua’s passing!  A simple EKG could have saved Joshua’s life but at this point that is not part of a yearly physical or sports physical. Joshua’s life is making a difference and she has the privilege to share his story!

Facts you probably didn’t know: 

  1.  Thousands of young adults die every year from hidden heart conditions
  2.   Hidden Heart Conditions ~ #1 Killer of Student Athletes 
  3.   Hidden Heart Conditions ~ #2 Medical cause of death under 25
  4.   Hidden Heart Conditions ~ Leading Cause of Death on School Campuses


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