MVPP 09.13.19: Michael & Sox | “Stop Saying Dream, and Start Saying Plan.”

Steve Cochran

The coolest dog ever, Sox.

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Michael was about to relocate to Hawaii, leaving everyone and everything behind to pursue his next chapter, and his father surprised him with a furry companion to accompany him on the trip. On the day before he moved, Michael went to the beach with Sox and swam out into the water for a quick dip. Sox decided to follow him, attempting to swim out through the rough surf. He got tossed around and beat up a bit by the waves, but he simply stood up, shook it off, and set back out until he made it to Michael. In that moment, Michael knew he’d found the best kind of partner — one who is up for anything, confident and brave, and just happy to be together.

Before he got Sox, Michael had sold his car to get a motorcycle for his new island life, and quickly realized he’d need to figure out how to get around on the bike with Sox. Luckily, Michael had studied animal behavior in college and worked as a dog trainer and groomer for years, so having seen Sox’s smarts and athleticism and having established such a strong connection, he knew he’d be able to train the pup to ride.

Michael started small, getting Sox used to noises and vibrations of the bike, then he taught him how to sit on the seat and hold on, and slowly he started riding with him on the back like a human passenger. After three months of consistent training and practice, Michael and Sox hit the road and never looked back—just last month, they crossed 60,000 miles.

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