MVPP 09.12.19: Eileen Timmins – The Forgiveness Fairy

Steve Cochran

Eileen Timmins – The Forgiveness Fairy

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Eileen is an author, artist, professor, life coach, labyrinth builder and board member. She is the founder of Aingilin, LLC (which means little angel in Gaelic), and lives and works by Marshall Goldsmith’s credo:“If you aren’t opening doors for people, you are closing them!” She’s been opening doors as a senior global Human Resources executive for seventeen years to drive creative innovation, solve business challenges and lead global talent management for companies in the tech, finance and non-profit space. Eileen serves on the Board of Directors, Co- Chair of the Grant committee of the Friends of Prentice, at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She has her Ph.D., in Business and Organizational Management, and a MS in Organizational Development.

You can also watch her Ted X speech here: How Self Forgiveness Leads to Light, Love and a Joyful Life! | Eileen Timmins 

Listen to the podcast here: 

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