Cochran’s Kid of the Week: Dean K.

Kid of the Week

Cochran Show Kid of the Week, Dean Kousounelos shows off his art while in studio with Steve, Ji and Dave.

A note from Dean: I am Dean, I’m 16 and go to Glenbrook North High School. I am a contemporary artist. I’ve been drawing since I can possibly remember, and I work in charcoal and oil paint. I’m inspired by the very basic things in life that I notice. For a piece called “one”, I noticed the uniformity and sheepism of our school hallway and created an abstract rendition of an artist running through it, to symbolize the “Different”. I also get inspired by old vintage photos and my Greek heritage. some artists that have inspired me are Salvador Dali, Carl Rungius, Andrew Tischler and Wassily Kandinsky. I recently started doing Plein air on the side. I do sell my work. I do it to fund my passion for creating. In the future, I want to go into design and business.

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