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Our Kid of the Week this week is Morgan Kraus. She is an incredibly passionate seventeen year old whose aunt submitted her full list of accomplishments and activities below. Need some positive news in your life? Enjoy our Kid of the Week!

“I have thought about nominating my niece, Morgan Kraus for kid of the week for some time now. She is the greatest teenager I have ever known and I am a high school teacher. I asked her mother for a list of all the activities she is involved with in high school and the list was over a page long and includes, Student Association officer, student committees such as the blood drive, student coordinator of the boutique which collects prom dresses to sell for pennies so girls can afford to go to prom, National Honor Society, the honor roll, Tennis team, locks for love in 2013, Appalachian Service Project in Kentucky 2014 and 2015, earned the Girl Scout Gold Award (equivalent to Boy Scout Eagle) in 2015 culminating with her third year in a row of the Polar Plunge on 2/20/2016 for Special Olympics and she has never missed a day of high school. Morgan is also involved in her church and family. I really began to realize how special Morgan is when she agreed to help me drive my 84 year old mother (her grandmother) to visit family in Georgia over winter break. She was so compassionate yet not overly so when dealing with my mom, who can be very stubborn. She has also recently volunteered to drive her other grandmother for treatments and spend time helping her after an injury she had. Morgan is just an enormously sweet young lady who is there to help in any situation. She is a very special person and truly deserves to be WGN’s kid of the week.”