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Campaign 2016 has been aggravating for a million reasons, not the least of which is the notion that we need to “Make America Great Again”.

The constant negativity about who we are is more than a slogan.  It’s nonsense.

Yes, we have many problems.  We have a slow economy with limited opportunities.  We have massive credit card and student loan debt.  Immigration issues are very real.  The threat of gun violence and terrorism is on everyone’s mind.

Then there’s government failing at every level.  Congress is useless and the two major party nominees for President have never been so unpopular.

But with all those things that need to be dealt with, we are here, living in the greatest country on Earth and nothing else is close.

In America…

– you have the right to chase your dreams, and the chance to fail and start all over again

– you have freedom of religion, but no one can force you to believe

– you have the right to speak your mind, and the right to remain silent

– you have the right to a fair trial if you’re accused, and the right to justice if you’re a victim

– you have access to the best medical care

– the greatest minds in technology are here

– we still have the world’s best education system

– and when there is trouble anywhere around the globe we get the first call for help

So take a moment or more to be glad you’re here and nowhere else because we are blessed to be living in the United States and we need to remind ourselves of that- maybe now more than ever.

“Make America Great Again” needs an edit.  How about we all celebrate the greatness we have all around us and we “Make America Greater”.

Thanks for listening.


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