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Hello…it’s Mike Jacobsen known as “Jake,” producer for The Steve Cochran Show amongst other things. Due to my Mary Van De Velde and Ryan Lochte impressions, some listeners have requested some more info about one of the folks “behind the glass.” Here are some fun facts about me:

1.) My brother and I’s middle names are each others’ first names (Michael Robert Jacobsen and my brother is Robert Michael Jacobsen…parents apparently didn’t want to waste too much time on names).

2.) I’m color blind.

3.) I have wings (I’m double jointed and can ‘flex out’ my shoulder blades, and it looks like I have wings).

4.) I was born on Father’s Day.

5.) I still pay my bills via mail (stamps and all).

6.) Met my girlfriend Audrey through work here at WGN.

7.) I have never used my stove top in my apartment and will be living there 2 years in October.

8.) I have never seen any Star Wars movie in its entirety.

9.) I have never ordered an Uber.

10.) I love country music and my first job “in the biz” was midday host at 104.5 WSLD, You’re Home In The Country! in Whitewater, WI. After that stop, I worked in radio in Madison, Houston, and Los Angeles as a producer/anchor/reporter/host before returning home to Chicago in August 2014.

11.) I was a part-time bartender for 3 1/2 years as I worked my way up the radio ladder.

12. ) I have owned and still drive the same vehicle since I was 16-years-old…I’m now 31. It’s a Chevy Avalanche.

13.) My first and last name were mispronounced at my college graduation from the University of Iowa.

Thanks for listening!