Johnnie Putman and Steve King roll into the studio with one more spooky Chicago show before they hit the road to spend November in Florida. It’s another musically inclined show and to kick this one off we have Illinois native Jonelle Carter, one third of the group River Road Trio, to update the gang on their tour and give a little behind the scenes of their music video “The Ride” which is nominated for Josie Music Awards IMPACT Video of the Year in Nashville. Then, Consumer Guide Automotive Publisher Tom Appel returns with some electric vehicle news, Steve and Johnnie’s recent cameo on the Car Stuff Podcast and a few detours for music and food talk. Along the way, keep your ears peeled, pull your blanket up tight and listen at your own peril as we bring you a terrifying tale in the form of… Steve’s Halloween Poem. Enjoy, little ghouls!

Steve and Johnnie

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