The last show of September is here! Join the class and listen in for more laughs, learning and lunacy with a cast of returning characters. The show starts as we celebrate WGN’s own Jack Heinrich on his first live broadcast on Blackhawks Live. Next up is Max Armstrong taking a stroll up the farm and down memory lane before talking about his new book More Stories From The Heartland. Then, it’s time to get serious about cyber safety with Anthony Uraius and Patrick Crispen in light of Anthony’s recent Facebook hijacking and the steps you should take to protect yourself, such as two-factor authentication and having master passwords. Last, but certainly not least, Consumer Guide Automotive’s Publisher Tom Appel weighs in on the latest events in the automotive industry surrounding the UAW strikes, how consumers and dealerships may be affected and his usual roundup of reviews. Hop on down below for a listen with these two radio rabbits!

Steve and Johnnie

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