Steve King and Johnnie Putman kick things off on this shortened, yet nonetheless exciting show by chatting with John Davis, host of TV’s “MotorWeek” about the show’s 43rd season! Listen to hear about how Davis got his start, his take on self-driving cars, and some of his favorite vehicles. Then, award-winning writer, editor, and author Jennifer Billock, a.k.a. ‘The Kitchen Witch’ joins Steve and Johnnie in studio to introduce everybody to Tyromancy…the art of divining the future with cheese! Billock also discusses her book Historic Chicago Bakeries. Last but not least, Chicago based freelance photographer Will Byington joins the crew to talk about the art of ‘phoneography.’ Additionally, he shares some of his favorite ‘fly on the wall’ experiences as a photographer for numerous Chicago sports teams and events. Finally, he offers insight on photo editing and gives some tips on how to take photos at night!

Steve and Johnnie

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