Steve King and Johnie Putman have one more show down in Panama City before returning to Chicago and it’s a good one! We start off with Jason Hedden, Executive Director of Recruitment at Gulf Coast State College kicks off the roster to tell us about Public Eye SOAR, a unique projection art festival taking place every year in Panama City and a special exhibit that recognizes veterans. Next up, Mike and Maggie McKinney are Lucky Mud, another musical duo from Florida and they bring their fun “swampytonk” sounds to the studio. Then, Ron Romero, Founder of the Illinois Rock & Roll Museum on Route 66 talks about 2024 Hall of Fame nominees and what Illinoisans can do to get their favorite hometown radio and music heroes inducted. The show closes with the our tech and social media master Patrick Crispen for a chat on why Facebook might be on the fritz, addressing AI in light of the new deal struck with SAG actors and a number of helpful sites for those in need of tech support.

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